Sunday School 9 am
Morning Worship 10 am
Discipleship Training 5 pm 
Evening Worship 6 pm
Wednesday 6:30 pm

Openings available in the 3 & 4 Year Old Classes for Students.

$100/ week all day ~ $55/ half day

Southside Preschool is now taking applications for the  Teacher & Teacher’s Assistant Position for the 4 Year Old Class

 Please see or call Martha Wyatt for more details. Office: 270-365-5581/ Cell: 270-836-3595


Be strong and Courageous


About Us

We are glad you joined us today. It is our sincere desire that Southside Baptist becomes a place where you connect with God and others. Here at Southside God is worshipped and honored through relevant messages centered in God’s Word. We trust you’ll find Southside Baptist Church a place you can call home.

We celebrate God’s presence every time we come together as a family and we also demonstrate God’s love by ministering to the needs of people. At Southside we see individual and families build life-changing relationships with Jesus Christ and each other. Southside is a place to find answers to life’s questions and major questions that living brings….. What am I here? Is there a plan for my life? Why can’t I be happy?
The bible, the owners’ manual for life, answers these major questions, as well as daily questions that may not be major, but sure need answers. Southside has a warm, accepting, and friendly energy that immediately makes you feel comfortable and at home. We accept one another as Christ has accepted us—just where we are and just as we are. It is this genuine love that allows life relationships to develop.




We’d love for you to join us in our mission of reaching lives for Christ. Your generosity enables us to help more people experience the life change that accompanies knowing Him. We appreciate your financial contribution and we hope that the simplicity and convenience of being able to do so online is helpful to you.
You may authorize your bank to allow us to deduct a specified amount from your account without having to write a check. You may also use your debit or credit card, just like you pay bills or make purchases online. It’s secure and confidential!
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   * The Finance Team has requested that NO PLEDGES for the FOLLOW God’s Plan
capital campaign be paid online due to the 3% finance fee

 Southside Baptist Church in Princeton, Kentucky is accepting resumes for an Associate Pastor.  The Associate Pastor will be responsible to the church for assisting the Senior Pastor in his pastoral responsibilities, giving leadership to the church’s Sunday School, and all other equipping and discipleship ministries.  The Associate Pastor will lead the church’s outreach and benevolent ministries under the supervision of the Senior Pastor.


  1. Shall aid the Pastor in witnessing, visiting, and pastoral ministries.
  2. Shall manage the ministerial staff.
  3. Shall serve the church in planning, conducting and evaluating a comprehensive program of Christian education for all ages.
  4. Shall serve as educational resource person and advisor to the leaders of all church programs and service organizations, including but not limited to Sunday School, Church Training, WMU, Brotherhood, and church library ordering SS literature material and other materials as requested.
  5. Shall serve as educational resource person and advisor to the committees of the church, as requested.
  6. Shall help coordinate the production of church publications.
  7. Shall lead in congregational services, as requested by the Pastor.
  8. Join with other ministerial staff in planning and evaluating congregational services.
  9. Shall be responsible to and under the supervision of the Pastor. In the absence of the Pastor, he shall be under the supervision of the deacons.
  10. Will take an active role in coordinating an outreach program.
  11. Participate in pastoral care ministries, hospital and nursing home visits.
  12. Coordinate the planning, promoting, implementing and maintaining of an active Senior Adult Ministry program.
  13. Counsels those in spiritual need and comforts bereaved, assisting persons facing problems or decisions.
  14. All other duties as assigned by the Senior Pastor.
  15. The Associate Pastor of Southside Baptist Church will give a written notice of resignation or termination of at least three weeks or a suitable time agreed upon by both parties. The written resignation will be given to the Pastor and/or Chairman of Deacons.


  1. Must be a Christian.
  2. God called experience to this position.
  3. Formal educational experience preferred in counseling and ministries
  4. Must be well-versed student of God’s Word, manifesting scriptural understanding and leading others to grow.
  5. Must have training and demonstrated leadership ability in Christian education and church-related activities applicable to individuals of all ages.
  6. Must demonstrate adult Christian maturity.
  7. It is expected that he will unite with our fellowship when responsibility is assumed and upon becoming a resident of our community.
  8. He shall be ordained or a candidate for ordination. He shall meet all Biblical qualifications as set forth in 1 Timothy 3:1-7; 1 Timothy 1:32 shall be interpreted to mean that the man who had the misfortune of divorce shall be disqualified as Associate Pastor on scriptural grounds.  The man shall be affiliated with and sympathetic with the program of the Southern Baptist Convention and the doctrines, faith and practices of Southside Baptist Church.
Candidates interested in applying for the position of Associate Pastor must submit a resume with references to  For additional information regarding Southside Baptist Church, visit our website at



May 18, 2017
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