For More than 30 in a group, please find 2 times that are close to each other, or call us at 270.365.5510 or email so we can help!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s for Judgement House):

 What is the theme this year for Judgement  House?


Bullying is a huge issue that affects the lives of thousands of students. In this story, a young man experiencing a difficult home life and the hurt of being bullied, turns to revenge. He lashes out in the same way we have seen so many others by causing ruin in his life and the lives of many innocent people. See how the decisions made in this life affect what a person experiences for eternity.

What is Judgement House?

Judgement House is a walk-through drama that presents the truth of people’s choices versus the consequences of those decisions both in this life and the next.

How long does it take to go through Judgement  House?

Plan on 1.5 hours


What age can go through Judgement  House?

6th Grade and older.


Can we squeeze just 1-2 more people into an already full time slot?

As much as we would like too, we can’t. A full time slot consists of 30 guests, 2 guides, actors and people that are behind the scenes. Not only for safety concerns, but for the guests, we want our guests to be able to experience JH fully with the ability to see the events taking place.

Additional people in the scene may inhibit the experience.

We will do our best to schedule an additional time for you.