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Word of Encouragement- Issue 3

Carrell Boyd, Emphasis Director

“Prepare to Celebrate ”


   It is my hope that this newsletter finds you and your family doing well at this time.  I am thankful for such a     wonderful church family here at Southside Baptist Church.  As Emphasis Director for the Follow God’s Plan Capital Giving Campaign, please allow me to encourage each of you to continue to pray diligently with regard to what God wants you to give in our effort to construct a new Family Life Center on our Church Campus.  Please remember to pray: “Lord, what does sacrificial giving look like for me and my family?”  We know that this will be different for each individual and each family.  David declared, “I will not offer unto the Lord that which cost me nothing.” (2 Samuel 24:24)  Follow God’s Plan is based on the challenge, “Not equal gifts, but equal sacrifice.”

   I encourage each of you to sign up for our Celebration Event that is to be held on Sunday, May 6th in the Annex.  This will be a wonderful event that allows our church family to come together in celebration for what God is doing in our midst.  We will have a fellowship meal, music, preaching, and an opportunity to submit our Faith Pledge Commitment Cards.  Please be reminded that the only person that will know the total of your pledge will be the same      person (Financial Ministry Assistant) that records our tithes and offerings each Sunday.   Your pledge is between you and God!

   It is my sincere belief that God will truly bless the efforts of His people when they commit to the advancement of the Gospel through sacrificial giving.  Sacrificial giving brings joy and an inner peace that comes from seeking and doing God’s will.  These are exciting times at Southside Baptist Church.  Please remember that everything we have comes from God and giving back a sacrificial portion is special in the life of a believer.  May God bless each of you as you continue to pray about your role in reaching others for Jesus Christ.  I look forward to seeing you at the Celebration Event on May 6th as we anticipate reaching our goal in this campaign for the Lord.



MORE Follow God’s Plan FAQs

These Frequently Asked Questions are the questions (and answers!) that have been asked regarding  Faith Commitment Pledges

Who will know my pledge amount?

The Financial Ministry Assistant

How much should I give?   Only you know when it is a sacrificial giving commitment.

When do I start giving money to honor my commitment?  

On Revelation Sunday, May 13th during the morning service, as a “First Fruit” offering

How often do I give my pledge?

You can give it all upfront, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually.

Can I make my pledge online?

The Finance Team has requested that NO PLEDGES be paid online due to the 3% finance fee

Will I be asked to publish my  commitment?   No.

May I give a lead gift?   Yes, ex:  someone is giving a total pledge of $9,000.00.  On May 13th they give $3,000.00 as their first fruit offering, the remaining $6,000.00 they will give over the next three years.

Can we make a family  commitment? Yes! That is preferred.

Can we make changes to our commitment?   Yes. We do not know what the future has in store for us.

If I give all my pledge now, can I give more later?   Of course, and any additional amount will be recorded to building fund.

Will the pledge appear on my  contribution statement?   Yes

Will there be special envelopes for my pledge?   Special envelopes will be available at the welcome center beginning May 13th, or if you prefer you may show your pledge amount on your personal offering envelope on one of the blank lines and indicate “Pledge”.

Please contact me with any questions you may have regarding your pledge.


Susan Delawson

Financial Ministry Assistant


A Letter From Your Pastor- Issue 3

Our mission statement here at Southside Baptist Church is to “Proclaim, Impact, and to Love our world with the Gospel”.  We literally see this mission statement fulfilled each and everyday through the hard work and dedication of our members.  This Family Life Center will be just one more tool that we will have in fulfilling our God given mandate to reach our community for Christ.  Not only will this Family Life Center be used to enhance our already existing ministries, but also it will be used to birth new ministries so that we together can reach new heights of ministry for the Lord Jesus Christ. 

   I am thankful we are a church that is serious about impacting and reaching our community.  There are times I sit back and look at all we do and just thank the Lord that I am able to be a part of a “Great Commission” church like this.  It is truly amazing and astonishing that as a church we have the impact that we do on our community because of our various ministries.  It is so exciting to see how much more we can do for the kingdom through the tool of the Family Life Center. 

   This building however will not only be a huge help for us now but it will also be a huge help for us in the future.  This Family Life Center will help us be able to reach many for Christ for generations to come.  This building will help us to be able to minister to untold multitudes for decades to come.  This building will help us most importantly glorify God for years and years to come.  This Family Life Center is helping us fulfill our God given mandate to impact our world for Christ!

   Please pray that God will show us all the ways we can use this tool (Family Life Center) to glorify Him.  Pray that He will open our eyes to how we can enhance our ministries and create new ones.  Pray that God alone will be lifted high and glorified in this Family Life Center.  It is a high honor to serve you as your pastor and please know that I love you all!                

                                                                                                          Pastor W. Baxter Boyd






Follow God’s Plan FAQs

Ivan Birrell, Communications Director

These Frequently Asked Questions are the questions (and answers!) that came up most during the Prayer & Informational Meetings the week of March 19-23

What is the church doing with the Cadiz Road property?

The property will be retained for  future growth.  This can be re-evaluated at a later date by the church if needed.

Is the building fund money going to be used on the new family life    center?

Yes, it is going to be used on new building.  Charitable tax laws prohibit a person from designating funds to a charitable organization and then have them be tax deductible.  This allows the church to utilize the funds to best serve the Lord’s work.

The building fund was also set up before the Cadiz property was ever purchased.  I know some people  assumed that the money was given for the Cadiz property but the church minutes from the business meetings prove the building fund preceded any land purchases.

What happens to the family life center if the church moves to the new property?

Several options are possible. It can be retained by the church for use as a family life center.  It can be converted into the preschool or a Christian school.  It can be sold because it is on a separate piece of property from the church proper.

Why is the building orientated with the front entrance facing the old Fortner property?

Since part of the old structure is being refurbished instead of a completely new building (significant saving doing it this way), the building could not exit directly onto the street side due to safety concerns and  spacing allowances for the drive through canopy.

Will the kitchen area be commercial grade?


When will construction begin on the new building?

Construction can begin as earlier as late summer or beginning of fall.


Word of Encouragement #2

“Please Pray”

   Please allow me to say, “thank you” to everyone that attended one of the informational meetings that took place March 19th through March 23rd.  The meetings were a blessing for those of us that presented and I    appreciate the overwhelming support during those meetings. It is my hope that if you did not get to attend one of those meetings that you have been able to pick up a packet that contains the information from the Follow God’s Plan Capital Giving Campaign.  We have such a wonderful opportunity to be a part of this special time in the life of Southside Baptist Church. 

   I continue to encourage you to pray about your role in this campaign.  Please pray daily for God’s leadership in your life with regard to what He wants you to do during this campaign.  We only have approximately four weeks until  Celebration Sunday when we will have the opportunity to turn in our pledges.  It is my hope that you have your  prayer reminder visually located in a place reminding you to pray as well as your “Giving Commitment Guide” that provides scripture readings and the Suggested Steps for Determining God’s Will.

   It is important for each of us to recognize that if we are to reach our goal of  (Victory – $900,000, Challenge  $1,000,000, or Hallelujah – $1,300,000), we must buy-in to our theme:  “Not Equal Gifts, but Equal Sacrifice.”  We must give based on God’s Revelation – “Lord, what do you want to receive through me?”  This approach and        response calls for faith. Through prayer, our giving becomes an act of worship.  It’s important to remember, “All that we have comes from God!”  May God bless each of you as you seek His will for you in this effort!  



FGP- A Letter From Your Pastor #2

 A Letter From Your Pastor

   God continues to amaze me with what is happening inside our church body here at Southside Baptist Church.  Excitement has filled our congregation; we are   seeing growth in our fellowship both numerically and spiritually.  The “Follow God’s Plan” capital giving campaign is moving ahead at full speed.  We are in the middle of this incredible movement and moment where we are seeking to make God’s vision for our church a reality.  God could build this wonderful Family Life Center without any of our help, but that is the most wonderful thing about this process is the fact that God wants to use us and the resources He has given us to help see His vision for our church become a reality. 

   As a church family, God has given us all the resources we need to see this Family Life Center come to fruition.  I read a story not long ago that illustrated this point perfectly.  “The pastor stood before the congregation and said, “I have bad news, I have good news, and I have more bad news.” The congregation got quiet. “The bad news is: the church needs a new roof!” the pastor said. The congregation groaned.  “The good news is: we have enough money for the new roof.” A sigh of relief was heard rippling through the gathered group.  “The bad new is: it’s still in your pockets”.  The Lord has been gracious to us and He has made it clear to us what our next step is in reaching our community for Christ and helping disciples grow in the faith.  God has also been very gracious to us in the fact that He has given us all the resources we need to see this building come to fruition.  The hard part is giving God back what is already His, our money to see this vision come to reality. 

   I encourage you to do as my wife and I have already done.  That is, lift up this question to God in prayer.  “Lord what does sacrificial giving look like in my life?”  Also pray this, “Lord help me to be obedient to fully give what you ask me to give.”  As Kaitlyn and I sought the Lord in this matter He made it absolutely clear to us what we were to sacrifice in this campaign and I know the Lord will do the same in your family as well.  Realize God will bless your obedience and He will use the sacrifice you make to further His Kingdom’s purpose for years to come.  This is an eternal investment that will impact generations to come.  This is an investment that will more than likely out live your life here on earth.  That is truly an amazing thought that you and I can be apart of something that will continue to make an eternal difference long after we are gone.

   Please pray that God will guide you through your giving to the “Follow God’s Plan” capital giving campaign.  It is a high honor to be your pastor and to lead the church in this wonderful time in the history of our church.  I love you and may God richly bless you and your family!

Pastor W. Baxter Boyd


Word of Encouragement

Carrell Boyd, Emphasis Director


   It is my hope that this newsletter finds you and your family doing well.  As the Emphasis Director for the Follow God’s Plan Campaign, I want to encourage each of you to be open to God’s vision for the future of Southside Baptist Church.  We have a wonderful opportunity to be a part of one of the most exciting times in the history of this great church of God.   Therefore, I am  asking that each one of you commit to spending special time daily in prayer for our church and specifically for your role in supporting the construction of the Southside Family Life Center.

   Southside Baptist Church has a history that has enriched the lives of individuals and families in our area for over a half century.  We have a tradition that is rich in preaching and spreading the gospel in order that souls could and would be saved with all credit going to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. 

There are many individuals in the past that spent a tremendous amount of time in prayer and commitment to seek God’s direction for the future.  It took great courage to build the first sanctuary on this campus.  Several years later, this church was spiritually led to build the current sanctuary that we worship in today.  Now, God is spiritually leading us to build a new Family Life Center to be a beacon of light for not only now, but also for future generations to come.

   I encourage each of you to pray earnestly for the Southside Baptist Church family to embrace this opportunity that is before us.  Please pray daily for God’s will to be accomplished in this endeavor.  Brother Baxter and the Deacon Body recommended this vision, our church body voted overwhelmingly to proceed, and we are now ready to take the next step in securing the funding to construct our new facility. 

   In the coming days, you will have several opportunities to hear all about the campaign and the next steps for our church family.  It is my sincere hope that each of you will willingly come aboard as we embark on a spiritual journey that will have an eternal impact for generations to come.  Please be reminded that everything we have has come from God. When we give back to God a portion of what He has given us, we are the ones that receive the blessings in our life.  We simply can’t out-give God!  God bless each of you as you pray about your commitment.


What Is “Follow God’s Plan”?

Follow God’s Plan is a three (3) year emphasis designed to help our church spiritually as well as to raise money for our capital needs. For the next couple of weeks our emphasis will be upon prayer. You will have an opportunity to join in a prayer and information meeting at the church. We will pray with you and encourage you to pray for the duration of our Follow God’s Plan emphasis. Prayer is the foundation of all we will do in the Follow God’s Plan emphasis being conducted in our church. Every church family is being asked to pray for our church, the Follow God’s Plan emphasis and for God’s will to be known in their lives and in the lives of their family.

   After having several weeks to pray about what God would have you give, you will be given the opportunity to commit at a Church-Wide celebration event on May 6th. You and your family will be asked to complete and sign a “Faith Commitment Card”. A Faith Commitment is simply a promise made in faith that God will help you to keep it. It is a Commitment made under the leadership of the Holy Spirit as a result of your searching God’s will through prayer. You will be asked to sign your Faith Commitment Card and seal it in a privacy envelope. The card will only be opened by the financial secretary. No one will know the amount of your Faith Commitment except the financial secretary.

   The Follow God’s Plan Emphasis will close on Revelation Sunday, one week after the Celebration Event, while the giving phase will continue for the next three (3) years. Offerings are to be made annually, weekly or monthly using your tithing envelopes or by using special Follow God’s Plan envelopes. Remember, your Faith Commitment will be a separate offering over and above your regular offering. While all cannot give the same amount, if all will make an equal sacrifice, God will bless and multiply our efforts together.


Follow God’s Plan- A Letter From Your Pastor

After much prayer and discussion, our church body came together on June 6, 2016 in the morning worship service and voted to build a Family Life Center for our church.  The vote passed with an amazing 95% approval from the church body.  As a church, we believe this is the direction that the Lord is leading us, and we believe that that this will be a tool that we can use to glorify God by leading people to Christ and discipling them.  This building is not only going to be a tool we can use now, but it will also be a tool that we can use to build up and teach new generations about the wonderful truth of His Word.  I believe with all my heart this is God’s will for our church. 

   The question then arises, “How can we see this vision God has given our church actually come to reality?”  This is where the “Follow God’s Plan” capital giving campaign comes into play.  The “Follow God’s Plan” offers us structure, guidance, and insight on how we can help people to realize what it is that God would have them give financially to see God’s vision come to reality at our church.  The “Follow God’s Plan” has helped us create a gifted and talented team.  Within this team we have strategically placed people in their God-given area of giftedness to help us accomplish specific goals within the campaign.  To all the campaign leaders I am thankful for you more than you will ever know.

   With very trusted advisors and wise counsel we have tried our best to set a monetary goal that we need to raise for the campaign that is both challenging but also realistic.  Our desire for this goal is that it is a challenging goal.  The desire here is to challenge us all to give whatever the Lord tells us to give and to have enough faith in Him to trust Him.   However, we also realize this goal needs to be one that is also realistic.  We do not want to set the goal so high that we are asking people to be unwise with their finances.  Faith and wisdom need to be at the forefront of our minds and hearts for this capital giving campaign. 

   I am asking, as your pastor, for your prayers.  I am calling our church to be a people who are seeking the Lord with everything we have in prayer.  Please pray for our capital giving campaign team, our church, our own hearts, and me.  Pray that we will be a people who are open to doing whatever the Lord is calling us to do and to give.  I encourage you now to start seeking the Lord in prayer for His leading on what sacrificial giving looks like for you and for your family.  Please remember this is not my vision for our church, or the deacons’ vision for our church, or a few peoples personal vision, this is God’s vision for the future of our church.  What an awesome opportunity God has given us to be a major key in seeing His Kingdom grow here at Southside Baptist Church! 


King’s Kitchen

King’s Kitchen is a ministry to provide meals during the summer to children in our community Ages 2-18