I’m, Here but you won’t be

I’m here, but you won’t be.
I’ll preach but the building will be empty.
We were going to add another block to our Life Center board symbolizing another $40,000 has been received.
We have assembled amazing gift bags that would’ve been handed out to all visitors today.
We had some first time guests make reservations to be with us.
So much good was going to happen in this place today, but it can’t.
We are an assembly unable to assemble; and I am missing you all very much. Until we can meet again, May the Lord bless you and be with those of us who are sick and quarantined. Always remember church – your pastor loves you.
For today’s sermon “Coming Attraction”, you may either listen to it or watch it online


Announcement for this Sunday

Please help us to get the word out for those who might not get our email or see this on our social media- in an overabundance of caution, we will not have service on Sunday in the AM/ PM service. The sermon will be live on Mediacom and will be posted on FaceBook and Youtube shortly after.
For more details, you may watch this video from Pastor Kyle


A few announcements to keep you in the loop.


Last Week’s Bulletin Report- 8/2/20

Last Week’s Bulletin Report
August 2, 2020:

All on Campus: AM-184 PM- NA
Weekly Budget Needs…..$18,744.00
Budget Receipts…..$13,941.00
Total Offerings…..$15,981.00
Building Fund…..$10.00
Capital Giving Pledges…..$2,030.00

Some of us will worship together this weekend and some will stay home and watch on TV, and it is all OK! Continue to keep praising Jesus and pray for one another!

If you attend in person, you may give as you leave the building. We will still maintain the several other ways of giving:
1. You can go to our website (southsidebaptist.com) and click on the link: GIVE and follow the directions.
2. You can mail your checks to: Southside Baptist Church, PO Box 684. Princeton, KY 42445
3. You can send your offering through your bank through Bill Pay.
4. You can bring your offering to the church office during the week, Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and we will meet you at the door.
5. You can leave your offering in the dropbox by the Office Doors. It is a no-contact/ secure option. The box is bolted to the wall, locked, and under camera surveillance.