Christmas Backpacks

We are so thankful that Carol Turcotte & Felicia Hanks are heading up this ministry!
There are only 4 states with a higher percentage of children living in poverty than in Kentucky. For many children in Kentucky, a Christmas backpack from Kentucky Baptists may be all they receive for Christmas.
Our Southside family is invited to participate in this ministry. We have a goal of 100 backpacks from Southside. Below is a list of items needed in each backpack. There is a Christmas Tree with gift tags on the branches beside the information desk in front of the
church office. You may choose one gift tag or several gift tags and purchase the items listed on the tag(s). Each tag has the gender and age of the child on the front and the items to purchase on the back. Drop off your backpacks and donations in the large tubs located outside the church office near the Christmas tree.
Donations need to be in no later than September 18.
Please pray for these children and this project and help make this a special Christmas for many under privileged children in Kentucky.
Stuffed animal (ages 2=13), 1-2 toys, toothbrush/toothpaste, soap and washcloth, at least one food item, at least 2 clothing items, 2-3 school supplies (ages 4-17}, at least ​2 items from “Other” (see list), copy of the Christmas Story (supplied by church).
Stuffed Animals: Any type of stuffed animal, small to medium in size
Toys: Small cars, balls, dolls, kazoos, harmonicas, yo-yos, jump ropes, sidewalk chalk, small Etch A Sketch, play doh, Slinky, Frisbee, card games, etc.
Hygiene Items: In addition to toothpaste/toothbrush and soap, washcloth— shampoo, hairbrush/comb, pony tail holders, barrettes, hair clips, etc
Food: Canned food items with pop-tops (nothing that requires a can opener and NO PLASTIC CONTAINERS), protein bars, hard candy (NO CHOCOLATE) , lollipops, mints, gum, etc. (NO FOOD ITEMS WITH PEANUT BUTTER OR NUTS) .
Clothing: T-shirts, underwear, socks, warm hat, gloves, scarf, ball cap, fleece pullover, warm outerwear, etc.
School Supplies: crayons, pencils, erasers, pencil sharpeners, spiral
notebooks, scissors, etc.
Other: Children’s or teens Bible (KJV, God’s Word, or CSB version), Christian books (age appropriate), sunglasses, toy jewelry, watches, flashlights (with extra batteries)
Additional items to consider if packing for older children (11-17):
Girls: lip gloss, costume jewelry, scarves, bracelets, craft kits, journals, fun socks and/or slippers, doodle books, Spirograph kit, feminine hygiene products, softballs, etc.
Boys: LEGOS, card games, hand-held electronic games (with extra
batteries), baseballs, Nerf footballs, etc.
**Please DO NOT include any food items that are perishable or that can be easily crushed or opened while in transit.
**Please DO NOT include any knives or military toys.



To submit resume or questions, email

 PRINCIPAL FUNCTION:  The church Ministry Assistant / Financial Secretary will maintain the church financial records, prepare financial reports and perform general office work under the supervision of the Senior Pastor.


This is a full time non-exempt position.




  1. Must be a high school graduate. Education/training in accounting preferred.


  1. Prior computer experience with experience in accounting software.


  1. Excellent organizational and communication skills.


  1. Four to six years previous financial/bookkeeping experience.


  1. Understanding of financial terminology & spreadsheets.


  1. Must carry out duties with total honesty, integrity, confidentiality and maintain cordial compatibility with the rest of the staff.


  1. Must be flexible.





  1. Work with ACS to maintain all church accounting actions.


  1. Post contributions weekly. Prepare contribution statements and mail quarterly.


  1. Enter and process accounts payable for church and kindergarten program, Prepare1099s atyear end.


  1. Prepare financial statements for the church and kindergarten for business meetings


  1. Banking responsibilities include making deposits for the church and kindergarten; as wellas, performing bank reconciliation on all accounts


  1. Meet with Finance Committee monthly and more frequently during budget preparation.


  1. Prepare payroll for church office staff and kindergarten staff weekly. All non-exemptemployees must submit a signed timesheet weekly in order to receive pay.  Included inpayroll function are the following tasks: calculate and prepare payroll taxes, W2’s and W3’s.




  1. Serve asMinistry Assistant to the senior pastor by
  • Maintaining personnel files on all church employees, including the kindergarten staff.

Be sure each file has the following current information:  home address, phone number,

copy of driver’s license if periodically driving a church vehicle, emergency contact numbers, copies of performance evaluations, a signed copy of last page of personnel manual acknowledging receipt of this manual and any personnel memorandums given to employees, W-4, I-9(verification of citizenship), and Kentucky Report of Hire.

  • Assisting Pastor with secretarial functions such as typing letters, filing, dictation of sermons, preparing departmental bulletins and reports, etc. as requested.
  • Making travel arrangements for pastor and staff. Also, setting travel and hospitality arrangements for all guest speakers, evangelists or music groups.
  • Serving as recording secretary for staff meeting and other meetings when needed.


  1. Proof all publicationsfor spelling, grammar, and factual errors.


  1. Contact families regarding baptism. Confirm baptism interviews and services.  Maintain all records for baptisms.


  1. Assist in answering of telephones


  1. Prepare weekly Sunday Review and Evaluation information sheet(SRE)


  1. Prepare Sunday school and children’s church attendance sheets. Compile weekly attendance reports for Sunday school.  Run searches and reports from Database to include attendance percentages for outreach, class attendance summary forSS, etc.


  1. Maintain Church membership rolls, files, and data systems


  1. Program phone tree messages (if needed)


  1. Cross-train with other office staff to become proficient in their work assignments and responsibilities.Cross train ministry assistant regarding ACS and financial data entry.


  1. Order all of the paper supplies for the church.


  1. Pick up mail at post office and sort/distribute. This process needs to be coordinated with other office staff and ministers to minimize numbers of trips outside the office and maximize office work.


  1. Assist greeters’ ministry in maintaining supplies for greeter’s areas.


  1. All other duties as assigned by the pastor


  1. Shall be responsible to and under the supervision of the Pastor


The ministry/financial secretary will give a written notice of resignation or termination of 2 weeks or suitable time agreed upon by both parties.  The written resignation shall be given to the Pastor and/or Chairman of the personnel committee.



I’m, Here but you won’t be

I’m here, but you won’t be.
I’ll preach but the building will be empty.
We were going to add another block to our Life Center board symbolizing another $40,000 has been received.
We have assembled amazing gift bags that would’ve been handed out to all visitors today.
We had some first time guests make reservations to be with us.
So much good was going to happen in this place today, but it can’t.
We are an assembly unable to assemble; and I am missing you all very much. Until we can meet again, May the Lord bless you and be with those of us who are sick and quarantined. Always remember church – your pastor loves you.
For today’s sermon “Coming Attraction”, you may either listen to it or watch it online


Announcement for this Sunday

Please help us to get the word out for those who might not get our email or see this on our social media- in an overabundance of caution, we will not have service on Sunday in the AM/ PM service. The sermon will be live on Mediacom and will be posted on FaceBook and Youtube shortly after.
For more details, you may watch this video from Pastor Kyle