What Is “Follow God’s Plan”?

Follow God’s Plan is a three (3) year emphasis designed to help our church spiritually as well as to raise money for our capital needs. For the next couple of weeks our emphasis will be upon prayer. You will have an opportunity to join in a prayer and information meeting at the church. We will pray with you and encourage you to pray for the duration of our Follow God’s Plan emphasis. Prayer is the foundation of all we will do in the Follow God’s Plan emphasis being conducted in our church. Every church family is being asked to pray for our church, the Follow God’s Plan emphasis and for God’s will to be known in their lives and in the lives of their family.

   After having several weeks to pray about what God would have you give, you will be given the opportunity to commit at a Church-Wide celebration event on May 6th. You and your family will be asked to complete and sign a “Faith Commitment Card”. A Faith Commitment is simply a promise made in faith that God will help you to keep it. It is a Commitment made under the leadership of the Holy Spirit as a result of your searching God’s will through prayer. You will be asked to sign your Faith Commitment Card and seal it in a privacy envelope. The card will only be opened by the financial secretary. No one will know the amount of your Faith Commitment except the financial secretary.

   The Follow God’s Plan Emphasis will close on Revelation Sunday, one week after the Celebration Event, while the giving phase will continue for the next three (3) years. Offerings are to be made annually, weekly or monthly using your tithing envelopes or by using special Follow God’s Plan envelopes. Remember, your Faith Commitment will be a separate offering over and above your regular offering. While all cannot give the same amount, if all will make an equal sacrifice, God will bless and multiply our efforts together.

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