MORE Follow God’s Plan FAQs

These Frequently Asked Questions are the questions (and answers!) that have been asked regarding  Faith Commitment Pledges

Who will know my pledge amount?

The Financial Ministry Assistant

How much should I give?   Only you know when it is a sacrificial giving commitment.

When do I start giving money to honor my commitment?  

On Revelation Sunday, May 13th during the morning service, as a “First Fruit” offering

How often do I give my pledge?

You can give it all upfront, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually.

Can I make my pledge online?

The Finance Team has requested that NO PLEDGES be paid online due to the 3% finance fee

Will I be asked to publish my  commitment?   No.

May I give a lead gift?   Yes, ex:  someone is giving a total pledge of $9,000.00.  On May 13th they give $3,000.00 as their first fruit offering, the remaining $6,000.00 they will give over the next three years.

Can we make a family  commitment? Yes! That is preferred.

Can we make changes to our commitment?   Yes. We do not know what the future has in store for us.

If I give all my pledge now, can I give more later?   Of course, and any additional amount will be recorded to building fund.

Will the pledge appear on my  contribution statement?   Yes

Will there be special envelopes for my pledge?   Special envelopes will be available at the welcome center beginning May 13th, or if you prefer you may show your pledge amount on your personal offering envelope on one of the blank lines and indicate “Pledge”.

Please contact me with any questions you may have regarding your pledge.


Susan Delawson

Financial Ministry Assistant

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