Word of Encouragement- Issue 3

Carrell Boyd, Emphasis Director

“Prepare to Celebrate ”


   It is my hope that this newsletter finds you and your family doing well at this time.  I am thankful for such a     wonderful church family here at Southside Baptist Church.  As Emphasis Director for the Follow God’s Plan Capital Giving Campaign, please allow me to encourage each of you to continue to pray diligently with regard to what God wants you to give in our effort to construct a new Family Life Center on our Church Campus.  Please remember to pray: “Lord, what does sacrificial giving look like for me and my family?”  We know that this will be different for each individual and each family.  David declared, “I will not offer unto the Lord that which cost me nothing.” (2 Samuel 24:24)  Follow God’s Plan is based on the challenge, “Not equal gifts, but equal sacrifice.”

   I encourage each of you to sign up for our Celebration Event that is to be held on Sunday, May 6th in the Annex.  This will be a wonderful event that allows our church family to come together in celebration for what God is doing in our midst.  We will have a fellowship meal, music, preaching, and an opportunity to submit our Faith Pledge Commitment Cards.  Please be reminded that the only person that will know the total of your pledge will be the same      person (Financial Ministry Assistant) that records our tithes and offerings each Sunday.   Your pledge is between you and God!

   It is my sincere belief that God will truly bless the efforts of His people when they commit to the advancement of the Gospel through sacrificial giving.  Sacrificial giving brings joy and an inner peace that comes from seeking and doing God’s will.  These are exciting times at Southside Baptist Church.  Please remember that everything we have comes from God and giving back a sacrificial portion is special in the life of a believer.  May God bless each of you as you continue to pray about your role in reaching others for Jesus Christ.  I look forward to seeing you at the Celebration Event on May 6th as we anticipate reaching our goal in this campaign for the Lord.


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